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Inventor IP Roundtable


About the Inventor IP Roundtable

We gather periodically for an audience that includes solo/joint inventors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, incubators, accelerators, and others who are newer to IP, or might not have access to IP resources. Our audience also includes IP attorneys and patent business professionals who would benefit from discussions on the inventor’s perspective of all things IP.

What We Do

We conduct panel sessions (virtual and in-person) to share insights from prolific inventors & patent business and legal leaders on where to find inspiration, how to think like a visionary, how to best communicate ideas, and how to recognize value in ideas and patents.

If you’re looking to get insights on how IP  should fit into your business plans, how to best protect your ideas with intellectual property, and what an IP strategy might mean for you, we’d love to have you join us.

Learn More

Interested in joining the inventor IP roundtable or suggesting topics for future sessions? Connect with us today!