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IP3 Intellectual Property Professionals & Practitioners

About IP3


Who We Are & Whom We Are For

Intellectual Property Professionals & Practitioners (IP3) is a premier IP social networking community for anyone and everyone in IP. 

We are an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative community of IP professionals who enjoy camaraderie and collegiality in the IP community.  We respect, support, and encourage all of our colleagues in the IP community, and we appreciate the opportunity to come together for social networking events to meet new friends, visit with longtime friends, to celebrate one another, and to continue to advance our IP community.

Whether you are an attorney, patent agent, paralegal, business person, consultant, strategist, academic, or in any other area of IP, we invite you to join us as part of our IP3 community. 

To join us, please kindly provide your contact information below, and we will include you in our mailing list for information and invitations to our upcoming events and initiatives to network and socialize with the foremost thought-leaders, mentors, and rising stars in our IP community.

I have been able to meet some of the brightest IP minds in Georgia, and really in the country, at IP3 events.
Scott FrankCEO AT&T Intellectual Property & GIPA Chair

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IP3 Chair
Susan Russell Baker Donelson