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National Inventor Hall of Fame Partnership

National Inventor Hall of Fame Partnership

Collaborating on Invention and IP Education

The IPKnow™ Education Initiative was launched in November, 2021 through a pilot program across Georgia.  In partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF), Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance® (GIPA) provides invention education programming embedded with intellectual property  (IP) concepts. Through a combination of educator professional learning workshops and curriculum with hands-on materials, educators are able to see the value of providing students with a rich experience in understanding IP.

Educators are provided with professional learning focused on how IP is an integrated into our everyday lives, the different kinds of IP, and how invention education provides teaching and learning strategies that are easily incorporated into their current lesson plans. The curriculum was developed by National Inventors Hall of Fame and is designed as a scaffolded experience with flexible implementation options. Students receive their own set of materials and inventors logs and learn about the NIHF design thinking process where they are inspired to create their own innovation to solve a challenge. Students are engaged through inquiry and big questioning to find their own unique solutions. Building prototypes, creating trademarks and mock patents brings the IP concepts to life to promote their own incredible inventions!


“It has been invigorating to watch my students get excited … about Intellectual Property.  They are making the connection between protecting their ideas and respecting the ideas of others.”

Rebekah Holt, Hasty Elementary School, Cherokee County School District

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